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Howie and Ryan visit with teachers, educators and administrators on how to integrate Disney ideals of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, STEM and MakerSpace into classrooms. Twice a month they share why they are passionate about Disney and how their passions has brought them together in this joint mission to help bring ideas for innovation, storytelling, creativity, and the principal foundations of what makes Disney and great choice for projects and resources in the K-12 Classroom. They also talk about the companion website ( that will spotlight incredible educators from around the globe and be packed with resources that teachers can use in their classrooms.
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Mar 1, 2017

Join Ryan and Howie as they jump into the Timekeeper’s time machine and dream about what it would be like to experience some of Walt Disney’s greatest moments.  We can’t help but think that this could be something educators could build upon and make a lesson out of.  Imagine what the students could discover by pretending to go back in history to meet or observe a historical figure or event.  

             Howie and Ryan share some points on Walt’s timeline that mean something to them.  Howie talks about Walt’s failures in the beginning, Disney’s Folly- Snow White, and Walt’s trip to Orlando in 1965.  Howie does a masterful job of taking us back to these particular times and sharing some little known facts about these events.  Ryan shares some of his favorite Walt moments that include; young Walt and family moving to Marceline MO, Walt’s trip to South America, and the informational video shot about E.P.C.O.T.  

            Enjoy the 15th episode of season 2 as much as we enjoyed traveling back in time and sharing our thoughts about Walt’s life.  Walt is, after all the inspiration for both Howie and I in creating My Disney Class and of course we hope he inspires you as well to create your own classroom magic.   

Feb 15, 2017

Ryan, Jerry and Howie, discuss the NEW ONLINE Disney Class “PD Maigc: Edmagineering The Future of Professional Learning. It is offered through Buena Vista University and Educators can receive 3 Graduate Credit Hours for taking the class.

Discover the five core values in the class and how they integrate into your curriculum:

Creative Storytellers

Innovative Designers

Memorable Leaders

Blues Sky Thinkers

Empowered Learners

Knowledge Constructors

Join us and discover the layout of the class and how to bring Disney ideas and content into your classroom.

Link here for additional and registration information:

Feb 1, 2017

Join Howie and Ryan as they discuss Disney projects to use in your classroom.  Explore with us new ways to integrate, critical thinking, innovation, web literacy, storytelling, conspiracy theories, patents, research, communication, curiosity and collaboration.

​A sample project includes taking a trip to Walt Disney World.  How much does it cost, how will you get there, where will you stay, how much do tickets cost, what are the alternatives.

​Discover projects that are interdisciplinary and engaging.  We hope that you enjoy these experiences as much as we do. 

Jan 15, 2017

EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

 Join Howie and Ryan as they discuss EPCOT’s newest festival, The International Festival of the Arts.  This inaugural festival is a collaboration with Disney’s Theatrical Productions and will highlight guests favorite music and Broadway talent. There will also be galleries that feature two of Disney’s most prominent artist, Mary Blair and Herb Ryman, as well as current Disney artist.  All the arts are covered in this festival, including the culinary arts!  Not only can you see and experience all this great art but guests are able to take workshops and learn some of these trades right along side the experts.  

 To honor the arts in this episode, Ryan and Howie share some of their favorite places to find art and art techniques in Walt Disney World and the resorts.  We hope that you find joy in these experiences as much as we do.  We hope this episode does the A in STEAM, justice and helps shed some light on the Arts in Disney.


Jan 1, 2017

Join Ryan and Howie as they bring in the New Year by exploring educational opportunities at two of their favorite parks.  In today’s episode Howie and Ryan will list their top 5 free, non-attraction, educational experiences at both the parks.  Howie tackles his favorite park Animal Kingdom and Ryan tackles his, E.P.C.O.T.  We cover everything from 60 different species of aquatic life, watching veterinary procedures, to the educational opportunities of talking with cast members.  There is always something to learn at Walt Disney World if you just take the time and know where to look.  Discover these educational gems with us as we welcome in 2017 and as always we wish your coming New Yyear is filled with joy and magic!

Dec 15, 2016

The Imagineering Pyramid author Lou Prosperi visits today and breaks down the process of Imagineering and how you can apply those techniques to other areas, Learn how to apply this to education, as we climb this fascinating pyramid and discover how we can bring the creative energy of Imagineering into our schools and classrooms.

Nov 30, 2016

 In today’s show, Ryan and Howie put on their Santa caps and break out the eggnog as they share their top 10 Disney holiday gift ideas!  If you’re anything like the My Disney Class crew, you maybe running around last minute trying, that perfect Disney gift.  Keeping the whole family in mind and a wide budget range, we have some really fun and educational gift ideas to share with you.  No matter if you’re the maker type or the bling loving type, we have a gift for you.  We hope you enjoy this episode and remember that while it is fun to discuss all the fun Disney gifts out there, the true meaning of this time of year is much more than that.  We at My Disney Class can’t help but pause and reflect this time of year and we couldn’t be more thankful and awed by the wonderful My Disney Class community. 

From Howie and Ryan, we thank you so much for your support and we wish you a very happy holiday and healthy new year!

Nov 14, 2016

Take a trip back to one of everyone’s favorite neighborhoods, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Hedda Sharapan shares what it was like to work with Fred Rogers and how she is carrying on his mission today. 

Hedda is helping to carry on the Rogers legacy through writings, speeches at conferences, developing and presenting professional development materials for people who work with children,

Hedda is also a Senior Fellow at The Fred Rogers Center, where she works to continue the Center’s mission of helping children grows as confident, competent, and caring human beings.

 Join us and discover the wonderful resources and lessons that you can learn about on this episode of My Disney Class but the real value in today’s show is the feeling that you get listening to Hedda. 

Oct 30, 2016

Join Ryan and Howie as they look at the educational topic of “Design Thinking”.  Howie and Ryan share some practical applications of Design Thinking as well as resources that they have found helpful in learning about Design Thinking. 


Howie shares a discussion he caught on tape with educator Thomas Riddle and one of the curators of  Thomas talks about how design thinking is used in his classroom and why he feels that it is important to develop these critical thinking skills with students. 


Listen as Thomas shares how he develops empathy in his students through projects like building a prototype home for the homeless in their community. 


Like always we hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you and we hope you learned a little about design thinking along the way.

Oct 15, 2016

Howie and Ryan welcome a very special guest, Disney Historian and author Jim Korkis.

Jim has had a connection to Disney since very early on when his elementary teacher was none other than Mrs. Disney! 

Jim shares his journey from Mrs. Disney’s classroom all the way to his own classroom, where he taught English and Drama.  He then shares with us how he incorporated Disney in his teaching as well as how he now incorporates what he learned from the classroom in his Disney work today.  

We then take a closer look at 4 of Jim’s 33 books, that he has authored.  Jim is one of Ryan and Howie’s favorite Disney authors and it’s not just because he’s a great storyteller, which he is, but also because he is someone we can trust for accurate Disney history and facts

Oct 1, 2016

Howie and Ryan discuss two more of their favorite attractions, “Space Mountain” and The “Pirates of the Caribbean”. 

 They discuss the history of these attractions they also share lessons ideas that these classic attractions have inspired. 

 Journey through a Space Station on our way to board a rocket.  The attraction Is packed with learning opportunities and inspirations that you can bring into your classroom.  Learn how to bring new ideas to the table about how you can use Space Mountain in education. 

 Next we grab his sword and parrot and heads to the high seas as the captain of our own educational ship. From History to Communication Arts, Pirates of the Caribbean has all the educational ties you need to fill your lesson plans with adventure and engagement. 

 Enjoy our inspirations from these attractions as well as find inspiration yourself for use in your classroom.

Sep 1, 2016

Join Howie and Ryan as they discuss two of their favorite attractions, the “Haunted Mansion” and “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.”

Discover what they love about these attractions, and ways to integrate the concepts into several lessons that have been inspired by the attractions.

What can we learn about the 999 haunts that reside in the Haunted Mansion? What is the Pepper's Ghost? Learn how to teach lessons on the magic of the properties of light, reflection, and refraction.  

Howie and Ryan then tackle the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and share ways you can bring this lovable bear into your classroom to teach a wide variety of topics that range from elementary all the way up to high school.  

Aug 14, 2016

Howie and Ryan interview the author of the book "Walt Disney World for Teens and Tweens", by Tim Brooks.

Tim’s book shares his book that is a guidebook for teens and tweens and  addresses the issue of finding the educational value of a trip to Walt Disney World.  In this episode we explore the reality that a lot of families with teens find themselves in and that is leaving for vacation to the most magical place in the world in the middle of school, sports, and many other commitments of the teen’s demanding life. Listen as Tim gives advice from his book and his personal experiences on how to handle these situations.

Jul 31, 2016

Welcome to Season 2 of My Disney Class Podcast.  

 10 ideas to bring Disney into your classroom.

We are thrilled to be bringing the Magic of Disney to your classrooms for another year.

 Howie and Ryan discuss ways to capitalize on that renewed energy from the summer and utilize professional development in a way that is more meaningful to you and your students.

 Come along with us as we discuss several ideas for the coming new school year and share some of the tools that can help you implement those ideas when you go back. Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho it’s back to school we go!

Oct 29, 2015

Halloween Fun in the classroom and an In depth look at the storyline on Phantom Manor and The Haunted Mansion.

 In today’s show Howie and Ryan are haunted by the idea that good stories and fun Halloween activities can make your classroom a Spooktacular place. In this show Ryan shares some ways he has celebrated Halloween in his class while also engaging his students in some science concepts of the Halloween season.

 In the second half of the show, Howie shares with us his recent trip to Disneyland Paris. Howie takes us on an in depth tour of one of the most famous and beloved attractions of all the Disney parks, The Haunted Mansion or as it is called in Paris, The Phantom Manor! Listen in as Howie and Ryan discuss all the story elements of Phantom Manor and how those elements are similar between the different parks and how they are really different.  

Throughout this show we share lesson ideas that we see as possible connections to this attraction as well as some of the wonderful history of its development.


Oct 14, 2015

Howie and Ryan interview the creators of the covEars.  They talk about the design process, creating and producing the product and so much more..

Covears™ started as a way to breathe new life into our old Mickey Mouse® ear hats.  Part of the magic of going to a Disney® park is wearing your favorite souvineers - pins, sweatshirts, along with your trusty ear hat.


Bringing the same hat into the parks day after day got us thinking - how can we freshen up our hats  to match our style and mood for the day without doing anything permanent to them?  

That's when founders Jason and Taren came up with Covears™.


Covears™ are fabric covers for your favorite pair of Mickey Mouse® ears.  Slip them on for a colorful change and explore any Disney® park in style!  Ready for a new look?  Covears™ are easily removable - just pull them off - and slide another set on.  It's a great way to add some flair to your day!


Sep 29, 2015
Join us as Howie and Ryan share their 5 favorite web sites to incorporate Disney ideas, innovation, creativity and problem solving into the classroom.  They also share their favorite Disney books and give a sneak peek at future shows.
Enjoy the journey as they take us through the process of exploring and developing the classroom ideas and then integrating it.
Sep 20, 2015

Join Ryan and Howie as the visit FMISTEMAcademy in Oakland ,Florida. Barbara Frazier shares how the Academy cultivates the development of academic persistence needed for both college-bound and technical career-bound high school students pursuing careers or degrees in science, technology, engineering and math.  Barbara said, “We have come back from the future armed with plans to prepare your child for high skills, high wage careers.”

Sep 18, 2015

Join Howie and Ryan as they introduce the NEW MyDisneyClass podcast.  They chat about their family, education and career backgrounds and of course their passion for all things Disney. Topics include:  Innovation, Creativity, Classroom ideas and their favorite Disney things.

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