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Howie and Ryan visit with teachers, educators and administrators on how to integrate Disney ideals of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, STEM and MakerSpace into classrooms. Twice a month they share why they are passionate about Disney and how their passions has brought them together in this joint mission to help bring ideas for innovation, storytelling, creativity, and the principal foundations of what makes Disney and great choice for projects and resources in the K-12 Classroom. They also talk about the companion website ( that will spotlight incredible educators from around the globe and be packed with resources that teachers can use in their classrooms.
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Sep 1, 2016

Join Howie and Ryan as they discuss two of their favorite attractions, the “Haunted Mansion” and “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.”

Discover what they love about these attractions, and ways to integrate the concepts into several lessons that have been inspired by the attractions.

What can we learn about the 999 haunts that reside in the Haunted Mansion? What is the Pepper's Ghost? Learn how to teach lessons on the magic of the properties of light, reflection, and refraction.  

Howie and Ryan then tackle the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and share ways you can bring this lovable bear into your classroom to teach a wide variety of topics that range from elementary all the way up to high school.  

Aug 14, 2016

Howie and Ryan interview the author of the book "Walt Disney World for Teens and Tweens", by Tim Brooks.

Tim’s book shares his book that is a guidebook for teens and tweens and  addresses the issue of finding the educational value of a trip to Walt Disney World.  In this episode we explore the reality that a lot of families with teens find themselves in and that is leaving for vacation to the most magical place in the world in the middle of school, sports, and many other commitments of the teen’s demanding life. Listen as Tim gives advice from his book and his personal experiences on how to handle these situations.

Jul 31, 2016

Welcome to Season 2 of My Disney Class Podcast.  

 10 ideas to bring Disney into your classroom.

We are thrilled to be bringing the Magic of Disney to your classrooms for another year.

 Howie and Ryan discuss ways to capitalize on that renewed energy from the summer and utilize professional development in a way that is more meaningful to you and your students.

 Come along with us as we discuss several ideas for the coming new school year and share some of the tools that can help you implement those ideas when you go back. Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho it’s back to school we go!

Jun 15, 2016

Join Ryan and Howie today as they welcome Troy Cockrum as the Director of Innovative Teaching at Little Flower School in Indianapolis, IN. He shares his educational journey as the creator of the Flipped Learning Network, developing and writing a curriculum model dealing with the process of executing 20% time and becoming his own Star Commander.

Jun 1, 2016

Join Howie and Ryan as they tackle the roles of Edmagineers ( educators + imagination + engineers ). They turn their sights to the once great Innoventions / Communicore to dream and share how they think Innoventions could be great again.

 Ryan and Howie discuss what there once was and NEW potential to bring the education back to Innoventions and making this attraction a must do again for great edutainment!  Become a “Edutainer” and discover new ideas for Educational Professional Development that could be implemented into your school.

May 16, 2016

Join Howie and Ryan as they welcome special guest Tim Wilhelmus, who serves as the Innovation, Curriculum and Technology Specialist for Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.  

Tim discusses how ideas like positive messaging and intention, professio0nal development and Disney ideals  can be transferred over to your classroom or school. Learn how a PD program called “Lessons From A Mouse can transform your school

Listen as Tim talks about how you can take these lessons to your students and staff and why they just might make your classroom the happiest place on Earth.

May 1, 2016

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”.  Actually we hope you are looking for Ryan and Howie as we have an episode of MyDisneyClass that is out of this world! In this episode Howie and Ryan celebrate May 4th, or should we say May the Fourth be with you, by looking at ways educators are bring the power of the force into their classrooms.  “Fear is the path to the Dark side” and we have nothing to fear here.  We look at several sites and lesson plans that will help you integrate star wars into your classroom.  We run the full “Podracing” course covering everything from character development in English to Politics and everything in between.  Howie and Ryan also share what Disney books they are currently reading and what they are enjoying about each of these books.  We hope you enjoy the show as we go into Hyperdrive covering all these awesome Star Wars activities and of course “ May the Force be with You” as you try some of these in your classrooms.

Apr 15, 2016

In today’s show Ryan and Howie welcome Professor Jerry Johnson from Buena Vista University.  Jerry is an innovating educator that has captured the Magic of Walt Disney world and crafted it into a college course that spans all disciplines.  As a passionate   educator, he has rich history in media and media development.  He continues to work in media as an assistant professor of digital media at Buena Vista University.  It was here that Jerry teamed up with Henry Hardt professor of business law and finance.  Together they designed and developed a course titled “Storytelling with Walt Disney.”  This soon grew to include a travel portion of the course where students traveled for two weeks with Jerry to learn on Walt Disney World property from actual Walt Disney World Cast members.  They called this the the  “Disney Single” and later boosted this to a “Disney Double” which included a trip to Disneyland.  They even have done a “Disney Double” and plussed it by ending with a Disney cruise. Can we call this the “Disney Trifecta?”  If you are like Howie and I, right about now you are registering to be a student at Buena Vista!

Mar 31, 2016

You Are NOT Going To Believe what you hear! Join Howie and Ryan as they share new patent filings and building plans for new park attractions, new hotels, movies and adventures….and a NEW PARK????  Is it: Truth - Treks - Trash- Trends –Themes  or Tales

Mar 16, 2016

Howie and Ryan discuss all of things PODCASTING with Jeffrey Bradbury.  He is probably best known for creating several online places for teachers to help other teachers.  Most notably of those, and to use the Disney term "Hub" of Jeffery’s creations, is  There you will find a wealth of information on various educational topics. Jeffery has several podcast shows including; The TeacherCast Podcast, TechEducator Podcast, Ask The Tech Coach, App Spotlight, PrincipalCast Podcast and Educational Podcasting Today.

Mar 1, 2016

Rule of 2 FEET-Professional Development Tips-Tech Conferences- Webinars-Video Conference or EdCamps? Which one is BEST?

Season1: Episode 10

31 Flavors of Professional Conferences!

Join Ryan and Howie and discover how to grow your PLN (Personal Learning Network). Topics: Where to go; Types of sessions; Types of workshops; Why EdCamps; Best Conferences; Getting District approval and, sharing your new knowledge with others in your school and district.

Feb 16, 2016

Howie & Ryan visit with Disney Imagineer Steve Alcorn who was the lead on the EPCOT American Adventure Pavilion Show. Steve reflects back to 1979 and what it was like to design and build the Multimedia show with Audio Animatronics figures.

Feb 2, 2016

Howie and Ryan share their Passion Based Classroom projects. Discover how students pursue their passion, to create, to problem solve, and to make mistakes without fear.

Jan 16, 2016

 Howie and Ryan talk with Angela about releasing the genius inside us all.  She has launched a global movement called "You Matter."  Discover how we can go beyond the idea of passion/genius hour projects.  She shares her framework for liberating genius and PASSION BASED Learning.

Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year!  Howie and Ryan celebrate the new year by looking at setting goals, gifts they got or wished they got, gadgets teachers may need, and the Goofy things we did in 2015.  Ryan starts out by talking about S.M.A.R.T goal setting and the how and why you may want to consider using this technique when having your students set goals.  Then both Ryan and Howie share their personal goals for the new year:

Dec 16, 2015

In today’s show Howie and Ryan visit with Award Winning Educator, Tammy G. Parks, Howe Public Schools.

 Her project: The Classroom Dreaming Tree . . . A place for my students and I to visit, think, reflect, and dream!  Inspired by the young Walt Disney's own childhood dreaming tree, this is a place to share our dreams - and YOUR dreams!  As written by @DixonOnDisney, "...chasing a dream ignites your life with a passion and purpose."

 Learn more at

 Ryan and Howie share their favorite Web Sites for the month and their favorite Disney books, an conclude with Tammy sharing what she took away from EdCampMagic 2015 to change her classroom.

Dec 1, 2015

Join Howie and Ryan as they discuss the basics of Passion / Genius hour projects. This is part one of a three part series on passion projects. In this episode Ryan and Howie introduce and talk about what Passion projects are and why you should consider integrating them or at least the basic concepts into your lesson plans. Ryan discusses what he does in his class when it comes to Passion projects and he shares what the challenges are as well as the triumphs.  Howie and Ryan also share several resources and inspirations for implementing Passion projects.  Come along with us as we start this three part journey to understanding, implementing, and conquering passion / genius hour projects.

Listen for the secret CODE for a prize.

Nov 15, 2015

Join Howie and Ryan as they have two fantastic guests, Debbie Fucoloro and Rebecca Hare. Debbie and Rebecca talk to us about how they worked together to create an innovation lab for Debbie’s school. We will discuss how they re-Imagined their classroom and why thinking about the way students learn is essential in classroom design. They also got Debbie’s students involved and invested in the whole process from start to finish. Students even came in on their summer break to finish building and setting up their new space. Come with us as we learn about learning space design and where the the idea for the innovative classroom came from and why it was important to build a new space vs. keeping a normal classroom design.

Oct 29, 2015

Halloween Fun in the classroom and an In depth look at the storyline on Phantom Manor and The Haunted Mansion.

 In today’s show Howie and Ryan are haunted by the idea that good stories and fun Halloween activities can make your classroom a Spooktacular place. In this show Ryan shares some ways he has celebrated Halloween in his class while also engaging his students in some science concepts of the Halloween season.

 In the second half of the show, Howie shares with us his recent trip to Disneyland Paris. Howie takes us on an in depth tour of one of the most famous and beloved attractions of all the Disney parks, The Haunted Mansion or as it is called in Paris, The Phantom Manor! Listen in as Howie and Ryan discuss all the story elements of Phantom Manor and how those elements are similar between the different parks and how they are really different.  

Throughout this show we share lesson ideas that we see as possible connections to this attraction as well as some of the wonderful history of its development.


Oct 14, 2015

Howie and Ryan interview the creators of the covEars.  They talk about the design process, creating and producing the product and so much more..

Covears™ started as a way to breathe new life into our old Mickey Mouse® ear hats.  Part of the magic of going to a Disney® park is wearing your favorite souvineers - pins, sweatshirts, along with your trusty ear hat.


Bringing the same hat into the parks day after day got us thinking - how can we freshen up our hats  to match our style and mood for the day without doing anything permanent to them?  

That's when founders Jason and Taren came up with Covears™.


Covears™ are fabric covers for your favorite pair of Mickey Mouse® ears.  Slip them on for a colorful change and explore any Disney® park in style!  Ready for a new look?  Covears™ are easily removable - just pull them off - and slide another set on.  It's a great way to add some flair to your day!


Sep 29, 2015
Join us as Howie and Ryan share their 5 favorite web sites to incorporate Disney ideas, innovation, creativity and problem solving into the classroom.  They also share their favorite Disney books and give a sneak peek at future shows.
Enjoy the journey as they take us through the process of exploring and developing the classroom ideas and then integrating it.
Sep 20, 2015

Join Ryan and Howie as the visit FMISTEMAcademy in Oakland ,Florida. Barbara Frazier shares how the Academy cultivates the development of academic persistence needed for both college-bound and technical career-bound high school students pursuing careers or degrees in science, technology, engineering and math.  Barbara said, “We have come back from the future armed with plans to prepare your child for high skills, high wage careers.”

Sep 18, 2015

Join Howie and Ryan as they introduce the NEW MyDisneyClass podcast.  They chat about their family, education and career backgrounds and of course their passion for all things Disney. Topics include:  Innovation, Creativity, Classroom ideas and their favorite Disney things.

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